Universal In-Line Refrigerator Replacement Filter

Universal In-Line Refrigerator Replacement Filter


Replacement filter for the Epic Smart Shield Universal In-Line Refrigerator & Ice Maker Filter. This water filter is the most powerful in-line filter on the market today. It combines two different filter technologies for true multi-stage filtration that targets the most harmful contaminants found in tap water today including heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and microbial cysts. No refrigerator filter on the market has been tested and proven to remove bacteria, viruses and microbial cysts!!

True Multi-Stage Filtration

1st: The first filter media is a proprietary hollow fiber microfilter membrane which targets microbiological threats. Inside this membrane are thousands of tiny tubes resembling tiny straws which are bundled together to create a micro filter matrix. The walls of these tiny tubes are filled with microscopic pores. As contaminated tap water flows through the walls of these fibers, any microbiological threats such as e-coli, giardia, cryptosporidium, rotavirus, or hepatitis A viruses that are lurking in your drinking water are trapped inside. This type filtration method is referred to as size exclusion. That is, the pores in the fibers’ walls are simply too small for the pathogens to fit through, but water is still allowed to pass by. These pores are so microscopic, they’re invisible to the naked eye.

2nd: The second filter media is our patented activated carbon fiber block technology which targets chemicals and metals found in today's drinking water. Most refrigerator filters on the market today use Granular Activated Carbon filters (GAC) which is the same old technology used in your 20 year old Brita water pitcher filter. These types of filters are cheap to manufacturer and just change the taste of water but do little to remove real harmful contaminants. Our patented carbon fiber block technology uses a dual method of filtration to remove stubborn contaminants like heavy metals and chemicals. These two types of filtration methods performed by our Carbon Fiber Block filters are called depth & adsorption filtration and together they achieve sub 1 micron contaminant removal levels. Adsorption filtration removes particulates via the activated coconut carbon fiber mesh surface areas, which adsorbs contaminants such as cysts, heavy metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals & herbicides as they pass by the thick layers of carbon fiber mesh. Depth filtration (8mm thick) involves the removal of suspended waste & contaminated particles as they try to pass through the millions of layers of activated coconut carbon fiber block mesh. 

This One Two punch of the Hollow Fiber Micro Filters followed by the thick multi-layered Carbon Fiber Block Filter means your family will be enjoying clean crisp water every time they fill up or get ice out of the refrigerator.  

What does this filter remove? See the Universal Refrigerator testing results. 

Universal Fit

The Epic Smart Shield Universal In-Line Filter is compatible with all Refrigerators and any other appliance because of how it fits into any standard 1/4” water line. The universal fit allows you to upgrade your refrigerator filter without voiding your warranty, which is what often happens when you use an off-brand filter in your existing refrigerator filter space.

Compact Design

The compact filter casing is just 2” deep, allowing a tight installation behind your refrigerator or any other appliance you choose, making it perfect for any size space.

DIY 5-Minute Installation

Installation is both quick and easy. Simply disconnect your existing 1/4 plastic water line and connect it to the filter’s inlet and outlet ends, and you’re done! No flushing required! Our filter is ready to go to work right out of the box. 

Key Features:

  • 3rd Party Certified (NSF/ANSI 42 & NSF/ANSI 53)
  • Exceeds NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401, P231, & P473
  • Independently tested in multiple USA based labs
  • Long Filter Life (1362 Litres or 2 Years)
  • True Multi-Stage Filtration (Hollow Fiber Membrane & Carbon Fiber Block)
  • Universal Fit: Works with any refrigerator or ice maker
  • 5 Minute DIY Installation (No plumber required)
  • Discrete slim design
  • 1/4" Push Fittings for easy installation
  • No flushing required
  • Manufactured in an NSF certified factory
  • Manufactured with NSF approved materials

Smart Shield In-Line Refrigerator Replacement Filter


Tools You Will Need:
Small Bucket

Replacing The Filter 

Step 1: Turn the water valve to the "Off" position. (You may need a towel and small bucket as there maybe a small amount of water.)

Step 2: Using the tips of your fingers, push in on the collar of the push fit connection while pulling the tubing out off either side of the filter. Repeat process for the other end of the filter. Recycle old filter.

Step 3: The direction of the flow is indicated on the filter. Take the tubing coming from the water supply (wall side) and connect it to the "Inlet" side of the filter by pressing tubing firmly into the filter and then try to pull it out. The push fit connection should grab the tubing not allowing it to pull out. Take the tubing connect to your refrigerator or appliance and connect it to the "Outlet" side of the filter using this same method.  

Step 4: Turn the water valve back to the "On" position and check for any leaks. There should not be any leaks. If you notice any dripping, turn the water valve back to "Off" position and check all of the connections. You might need to push the tubing into the push fit connection a little harder to get it to connect properly.


Epic Smart Shield Universal In-Line Refrigerator & Ice Maker Filter has been certified by US Based 3rd party testing agency, IAPMO, against NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53. We have completed additional 3rd party testing for this filter at a certified US based lab and the filter exceeded NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, P231, & P473

NSF/ANSI Standard 42 | Aesthetic Effects | covers systems designed to reduce specific aesthetic or non-health-related contaminants (such as chlorine, taste and odor, and particulates) that may be present in public or private drinking water.

NSF/ANSI Standard 53 | Health Effects | covers systems designed to reduce specific health-related contaminants that may be present in public or private drinking water. Standard 53 establishes minimum requirements for material safety, structural integrity, product literature, and health related contaminant reduction performance claims such as lead, cysts, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and mercury.

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