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Best Tap Water Filter for Endocrine Disruptors

Endorine Disruptors Disorders BPA BPS Lead Plastic Hormones

Are Endocrine Disruptors in your Tap Water?
Are you and your family being exposed to endocrine disruptors everyday by the water you drink? Here are some quick tips to avoid exposure.
  • Mick Joubert

Carbon Block Water Filters vs Granulated Active Carbon Water Filters - Which is better?

solid carbon blocks remove endocrine disruptors from water

Solid Carbon Block vs. Granular Carbon

Which material is better for water filters?
  • Mick Joubert

Do Testing Standards Matter For Tap Water Filters?

NSF IAPMO WQA ANSI Water Filter Standards Filtration
This article also outlines the testing process employed by the recognized leaders in testing for the water filtration industry, NSF/ANSI, IAMPO, WQA (Water Quality Association) Standards.
  • Mick Joubert

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