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Great bottle. Not sure if the filter actually filters everything on the graph but I love it and it’s better than no filter at all.

Great clean water

Love the filter and the water taste is amazing and clean

Works Great!

Travel quite a bit to hotels around the world. With the Epic filter, it is easy to filter water from the tap and cut down on my bottled water usage. The fact that is tastes great makes it easier to do also.

Great water filter

I’m very happy with the water filter, it arrived fast and it gives me piece of mind that all the nasties have been removed from my tank water! Thanks so much!

Love epic water filter.

We absolutely love this water filter . Water tastes so much better. Customer service is so good. I had some questions they were answered quickly …

Clean Fresh water

Love this water filter, water tastes great . Highly recommend 😋

Best filtered water

The water filter is one of the best product I have ever bought. I enjoy to drink a clean water every day. Highly recommend.

Epic Water Filter

Great product! Great service! Great company all round! Recommend using this company if you’re looking for the best portable water filters.

Water filters

Previous filters very disappointed with water quality. Very pleased with the water quality. Will continue with epic water filters.


We’ve used our Epic water filter for the past 5 years and love the quality and taste of the water.

Love these so much

Extremely happy with the quality of the water. Excellent customer service and really fast delivery. Brilliant!

Love it

Highly recommend. Perfect size

So that’s what pure clean filtered water should taste like.



durable and very happy with its simple design. No negative issues at all as ive been using it for almost a month now. great choice to buy!

Satisfied Customer

I subscribe to a regular filter delivery service. It is always on time and I could not be happier with the service.

Fluoride free water is a must

97-98% reduction in the poison known as fluoride was the reason we bought this filter. Was delivered in a timely fashion and well priced.

Water tastes amaaaaaaazing!

This is incredible, water tastes fresh and clean.

Epic Water Jug

I love my Epic jug. Firstly the taste of the water is Great. Tastes absolutely beautiful and fresh. Then the service from the company has been excellent. I was wondering when my filter needed changing and before I knew I had an email saying my new filter was on its way. And it was arriving in a timely manner. 100 percent happy with the product and this company’s service. I m definitely a very satisfied customer! Thankyou Epic.

Epic Pure tap water filter jug

I am very happy with my new jug. My reason for buying was to reduce the fluoride content in my water. The jug fits on my bench and is very easy to refill. The water tastes great and I feel much better knowing my drinking water is free from contaminates. Highly recommend. Thank you Epic Water

seems to work well

Have had the jug for a week, seems to do the job. I have not had the water analyzed, but it tastes clear. The jug is fairly big, so we use it as a 'master' source and pour the water off into more easily handled containers.


Water tastes amazing! Thanks Epic Water

Best I found to buy in Australia.

I studied a lot of reviews and sites and this is the best I found for buying in Australia. I’ve been using mine for only a week but I love it. The relief I feel that myself and my children and drinking clean water from this is huge. Run water through it twice and it’s ready to use-easy. I keep mine next to the sink not in the fridge so it’s easy to continuely fill our bottles or cooking and then refill the filter under the tap. Water tastes great. Get all the information sent on what it filters out, most people would be shocked to find out just how many chemicals are in our drinking water. This is not just for people wanting to remove fluoride, this is for health and if nothing else should at least be the drinking water we are giving to our children.

Epic Pure Tap Water Filter Jug Removes up to 99.99% of Tap Water Contaminants

Get with the program

These products are the bomb! With the Epic Nalgene OG | Water Filtration Bottle our family are drinking clean filtered water anywhere anytime . Gone are the days
of lugging single use plastic bottles around on family excursions and feeling like a chump every time you throw a bottle in the bin . Either that or filling up with contaminated water outlets and wondering if you or your family should be drinking this rubbish. Get with the program and get on board with Epic Nalgene OG | Water Filtration Bottle

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