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Excellent product

I absolutely love Epic Water filters. I always drink tap water as I don’t accept plastic water bottles. Leaving in hot environment, and hating the taste of tap water I ended up dehydrated and exhausted. My friend advised me about Epic Water Filters. No I have jug for family use and recently bought a bottle with filter for my husband. We love it. Now I drink a good amount of water every day with pleasure!
Thank you Epic Water Filters 🥰

Pure Water Filter Jug

I used 1 filter pitcher, it was a mess and I gave up long ago. Recently I looked for what I need i.e. a simple filter Jug to eliminate chlorine and other contaminants. Singapore tap water is consider safe from bacteria otherwise people will not be able to drink direct from tap water. So that's settle this part. I am happy now that I can drink pure water without chlorine, fluoride etc. Hope it will improve my health gradually as my skin is sensitive. I find that the filter is good and the jug easy to manage for cleaning. Please continue your good service. Thank You.

Urban Filter
Jedidiah L.
Water Filter For Nalgene Bottle

Having a water filter in my bottle makes drinking water so convenient and fun! I don’t have to worry about finding a water cooler, but every tap instantly becomes a viable source of water for me. The straw also makes drinking water much more convenient and enjoyable!

The best water bottle!

I have been looking for the perfect water bottle for a while now. I needed something big enough to ensure I drink my targeted amount per day and also wanted a good filtration system for when I’m filling up on the go. Love this water bottle! Keeps cold water cool for hours and is the perfect size for me :-)


The name says it all. Very good water filters!

OG water bottle

Really like this water bottle and filter. Makes normal water taste nice without nasty chemicals.


Easy to assemble and lasts a long time!

Great tasting water

I purchased the dispenser unit because I wanted to be able to accommodate for my family and I liked the idea that it can also fit in my fridge. It’s a perfect size, easy to refill from the tap and the water tastes great. I did a lot of research on suitable water filters and this was the best I found in class. I definitely recommend. Thanks!

Best Jug Ive Had

Am satisfied with this jug and its volume in lieu of paying for a plumbed in system. Would like more info on the testing and results that explains how it works on various elements.

Best Water filter ever

I had the water tank for a few months now. And I am so happy that I have finally found a product that is so good. The quality of the water is excellent. And I always refill my water bottle before leaving home.
Epic Water filter is true to its name: Epic

Pure Water Filter Jug | Removes Fluoride

Reliable subscription and product

Tastes great

Great product, drinking water tastes so gross in comparison now.

Best jug filter I’ve had

I’ve tried several jug filters, but none with the reassurance of quality that Epic has, especially to deal with fluoride. The last jug filter I tried had a frustratingly small capacity - not enough to fill a kettle, and it had no info or specs on how it handled fluoride. I was looking for a replacement when I discovered Epic's jug filters. It's sterling specs and rigorous standards stood out for me. The fact that the jug filters fluoride and has a much larger capacity made it a no brainer to go for it. I live in a building with 50-year-old pipes and now my water tastes better.
I also love the customer experience - swift delivery, eco-conscious packaging, quality build of the jug and filter, and option to schedule delivery of fresh filters - I no longer have to remember to buy filters or where to store them in my limited kitchen cabinet space. And when a new filter arrives, I know it’s time for a filter change.
I’m really enjoying the Epic water experience.

Epic water Filter

I am pleased with the Epic Water flask and thus had also gifted them to my siblings last Christmas. Good things should be shared ;). The filter subscription helps to remind me time to change filter. Recently, there was a mixed up of delivery quantity but the supplier was quick to rectify the issues after I contacted them. Great Job!

Urban Filter
Urban filter

Works well with hydro flask, recommended

The best jug water filter

I’m fussy with the taste and integrity of water so having my epic filter is a must have for me. When I travel I can instantly taste the difference and love coming home to my purified epic filter. Even fancy bottled water isn’t as good to me. 😅

Got it quite fast and in good condition

We've been using the pure jug filters for some time now and saw from the Epic waters website that we can buy in bulk at a discounted price. So we did! It arrived relatively fast (in a few days) and came in good condition. Would buy from Epic waters again!

Good Filter

Came in the mail quick!

great value for money

The Epic nano water jug has made a huge difference to the quality of the water we drink it not only tastes better but gives very good health benefits

Epic Nano

Absolutely stoked with the nano jug we bought. We didnt like the tap water in our new place because it was smelly and odd tasting. You definitely taste and see the difference, great product.

Reliable quality and hassle free

Since I started using epic water filters (first a jug, then a water bottle), I am not worried about the quality of the water I drink. The epic water filters products are not only reliable but also user friendly, convenient and hassle free, especially with subscription delivery arrangement. There is no going back to drinking any other water anymore: tap water, bottled water or other filtered water.

Fast delivery and good customer service

Will purchase again

Customer service delivered!

I left a one star review earlier as the delivery partner Aramex was unresponsive. Customer service responded promptly and sent me a new filter via express post. Happy to know Aramex won’t be used anymore for future deliveries

EPIC water filter

Never fails to impress. We like the quality of the filtration and even better in combination with the soda maker. No more schlepping water bottles