Epic Water Filters in Australia is owned by former Ballerina Kate Joubert and Olympian Michael Joubert.
As a couple we are serious about our health and especially the water we drink.
We were always lugging around huge amounts of purified water wherever we went. We also found the ridiculously expensive water filter we had installed in our house to be more problems than it was worth.
When we travelled overseas or interstate we would hate having to use bottled water so we decided to invest in a technology that is not only affordable and portable, but works much better than the majority of brands that claim to do a lot, but test up doing not much at all.
Epic Water Filters are manufactured in the USA and based in Boulder Colorado. Ash and his team exemplify integrity and their commitment to producing the best possible water filters whilst being environmentally sustainable is something our customers can be very happy about.
We believe in Epic Water Filters because not only does the independent testing show how good they are, we can taste how well they work.
It is also great to know that for every bottle or jug sold we are ridding the planet of plastic bottle pollution and helping our customers to have what nature intended…..pure clean water with no gimmicks.....for free from any tap.
Michael & Kate Joubert